I am diabetic. Can I safely use Pretty Feet & Hands RSR?

Pretty Feet and Hands is considered a topical cosmetic, and there are no specialized studies for population subgroups. The product contains no drugs so there are no issues with absorption and systemic distribution. A possible consideration is whether the rubbing or massaging necessary for the product to function could be harmful. You should discuss with your physician any health concerns prior to use.

How does Pretty Feet & Hands RSR work so well?

Pretty Feet & Hands Rough Skin Remover is a nonabrasive cosmetic containing water, oil, paraffin, a light fragrance and preservative. It is designed to apply a layer of wax and other solids to the skin as a smooth emulsion. Subsequent rubbing causes evaporation of moisture, thereby breaking the emulsion and precipitating the waxy solids on the skin. Continued rubbing to dryness causes a scrubbing and lifting action by the particles of paraffin due to their adhesiveness.